Irena Taskovski

Originally from Bosnia, Irena studied in Prague, graduating from the Film Academy (FAMU). She has also studied at the Sam Spiegel Film and TV School … Read more

Susanne Guggenberger

Susanne Guggenberger joined Mira Film (Zurich) in 2012 and is responsible for distribution, coproduction and the transmedia development. She coordinated the DOK Markt and Leipzig … Read more

Bina Paul Venugopal

An alumni of the prestigious Film and TV Institute of India, Pune in 1983, Bina has been working as a film editor for the last … Read more

Sirkka Moeller

Sirkka Moeller holds an M.A. in Social Anthropology and Languages. She has been working for international film festivals since 1988, specialising in documentaries and short … Read more

Claas Danielsen

Claas Danielsen is a filmmaker, producer, lecturer and festival director living in Leipzig/Germany. After working as a journalist and getting practical training in film production … Read more

Sanjiv Shah

Sanjiv Shah is a senior editor, producer and filmmaker who are largely engaged with documentaries dealing with social issues and exploring forms of film themselves. … Read more

Sameera Jain

Sameera Jain is a filmmaker and editor, and has worked for over 30 years in the arena of film and video. Sameera has edited several … Read more

Ilo von Seckendorff-Witzleben

Ilo von Seckendorff-Witzleben graduated from the Faculties of Cultural Sciences and Communication and Media at the University of Leipzig, Germany. During her studies she worked … Read more

Peter Symes

Peter Symes has worked in television since 1969. Until 2000 he was employed by the BBC, where he had a long career as a director, … Read more