DocWok 1.3

A Report

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DocWok 1.3 was planned to coincide with DOK Leipzig 2013. It was conceived of as a three day workshop which would provide finishing touches to the year long programme. Of the six films which were mentored during the year, three had been finished and entered in the festival while the other three were in different stages of completion.

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The two main architects of DocWok 1.3 were Ilo von Seckendorff and Peter Stymes. While introducing the third phase of the workshop, both Peter and Ilo primed the filmmakers to get ready to face audiences with their films. The focus of the workshop this time would be that of fine tuning presentation. One on one meetings then started between filmmakers and three tutors – Susanne Guggenberger, Stefan Kloos and Irena Taskovski. At these meetings filmmakers discussed where they were with their films, what their goals were at the festival and how best to present their films and themselves. It was repeatedly pointed out by the tutors that there was no one way in which different films and individuals could do this but that it was dependent on what exactly the filmmakers were looking for and the audience they faced.

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The second day had a specific goal for the evening when the filmmakers would be introduced to an audience at a discussion on Asian documentaries and film festivals. The focus was on the finalized trailers and synopsis of each film.

Peter and Ilo went through each trailer in detail to see if the filmmaker was happy with it. Comments were also invited from other participants and minor weaknesses in trailers were dealt with. Once the trailers had been finalized, each filmmaker was asked to select clips of a total length between three and five minutes. The idea was to give a feel of the rhythm of the film – something which the trailer could not do. Again, all participants were involved in discussing the particular clips chosen by a filmmaker and giving suggestions about how such a selection could be improved.

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Peter then discussed the format in which presentations would be made that evening. Each filmmaker would be invited to not only present his/her film but also talk a bit about what s/he expected from the festival. That evening, at the discussion on Asian Cinema, this was then the format in which DokWok films and filmmakers were presented. With the presentations that evening, the official participation of DokWok at Leipzig came to an end though the morning after was reserved for a review of DokWok 1.3. Participants offered suggestions about what they felt strong points of this phase of the workshop were and also made suggestions about how future workshops of this kind could be improved. All tutors were thanked by the participants for the generosity shown by them as well as the openness with which they approached all projects. Class Danielsen dropped in for the workshop whenever he could sneak away from his festival duties. For the main, though it was Peter and Ilo who held fort.

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Photographs by Susann Jehnichen