DocWok 1 Final Selections

The final projects for the Doc Wok have been selected by the tutors. We”re delighted to announce the final six:

Behind the Tin Sheets / Faasley / Distance

Director: Yashashwini Raghunandan, Ekta Mittal
Duration: 80-90 min
The transformation of the city is shot like science fiction, while the workers talk into the camera, and are telling stories that are unexpected, and stories that are unheard ever before.
Camera: Paromita Dhar | Editor: Abhro Banerjee

Metro-polis / Our Metropolis

Director: Gautam Sonti, Usha Rao
Duration: 90 min
A journey through Bangalore”s changing cityscape, where the state”s ideal of a ‘global city’ encounters city dwellers, their concerns and alternative visions.
Camera: Gautam Sonti | Editor: Abhro Banerjee

The Textures of Loss

Director: Pankaj Butalia
Duration: 70-75 min
The film is trying to create a sense of loss that is all pervasive in Kashmir after more than two decades of violence.
Camera: Ranjan Palit | Editor: Pankaj Butalia

The bullet does not hit one head / The Clot / I never left

Director: Shazia Khan
Duration: 65 min
Three central narratives that narrate conflict ridden region of Kashmir and its people, interspersed with visits to the only psychiatric hospital in the city that deals with a valley looking for “normalcy” and voices of common people.
Editor: Saba Rehman


Director: Anjali Panjabi
Duration: 90 min
The filmmaker revisits the mythic story of Mirabai, a social rebel and poet of the 12th century AD and foregrounds a history of gender and caste inequalilies.
Editor: Khushboo Agarwal

That Elephant, From the Bridge

Director: Abhilash Vijayan
Duration: 60 min
The nomadic culture of a travelling circus and the people related to it
Editor: Abhilash Vijayan

The tutors had a lot of difficulties selecting the above because of the high quality of submissions. We thank all for applying.