DocWok 1 Submissions


Director: Pankaj Butalia
Duration: 60-65 min
An attempt to understand the complex politics that plagues Assam through a blog which foregrounds and contextualizes its content.
Camera: Ranjan Palit | Editor: Pankaj Butalia | Producer: Vital Films

Away Now

Director: Ujjwal Utkarsh
Duration: 20-30 min
The film is about the inner life of an anonymous man undertaking multiple bus journeys that fade into one another even as he chases after the answer to the one elusive question – what does it mean to travel, what does it mean to be ‘away now’.
Camera: Prahlad Gopakumar | Editor: Ujjwal Utkarsh | Producer: Ujjwal Utkarsh, Kanishka Films

Behind the Tin Sheets

Director: Yashashwini Raghunandan, Ekta Mittal
Duration: 80-90 min

the city intersects with stories afar
and today we have the time to talk
about dreams, nightmares and fantasies
before both you and i depart

Behind the Tin Sheets is a film about the inner-worlds of Migrant Construction Workers set against the changing landscape of Bangalore.
Camera: Paromita Dhar | Editor: Abhro Banerjee | Producer: Partially produced by Centre for Media and Cultural Studies, Bombay and Wyspa Art Institute, Poland. Also, one short film from the archive is partially produced by CNAP for The Letrienale Exhibition, Paris 2012.

Blood Earth

Director: Kush Badhwar
Duration: 60-70min
An alternative story of India”s economic developent and those resisting indiscriminate destruction of indigenous livelihoods and traditions.
Camera: Kush Badhwar | Editor: Kush Badhwar | Producer: Word Sound Power

Bombooks: Books in the Big City

Director: Sayalee Karkare
Duration: 70 min
Bombooks: Books In the Big City is an exploration of the reading culture in the city of Mumbai during rapidly changing times.
Camera: Mathew Sharp | Editor: Sayalee Karkare, Aakash Karkare

Exploring the Bottom Line

Director: Kumod Kant Choudhary
Duration: 55-80 min
”Exploring the Bottom Line” is a humble effort to offer a glimpseof the daily life and its hardships among the most downtrodden and poorest of the poor communities √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú a part of human society seeking the helping hand of their privileged counterparts. Exclusive coverage is on the daily life of the tribal communities of Kalahandi.
Producer: Kumod Kant Choudhary

Free and Compulsory

Director: Malati Rao
Duration: 70 min
The film explores the Right to Education and the everyday realities of municipal schools in Pune and Maharashtra.
Camera: Shanker Raman | Editor: Malati Rao | Producer: PSBT

Girls with Balls

Director: Surya Balakrishnan
Duration: 45 min
An emotional and entertaining document about girl football players and their challenges faced by them as they journey from the slums of Bombay to the US
Editor: Sanchari Das Mollick | Producer: Surya Balakrishnan

Have you seen the Aranaz?

(Ningal Aranaye Kandoz?)
Director: Sunanda Bhat
Duration: 80 min
A bus journey that goes through the changing terrain of Wayanad, Kerela and looks at the changing relationship between people and the environment.
Camera: Saumyananda Sahi | Editor: Tanushree Das | Producer: Sunanda Bhat, Songline Films


Director: M.S. Prakash Babu
Duration: 30 min
The Story of Ilkal, a small town in Karnataka, is the story of a frenzied development drive engulfing India which affects the social structure and traditional livelihood of the locals.
Editor: Sony Rajan | Producer: Bhavani Prakash


Director: Sanju Surendran
Duration: 70 min
A bemusing and wondorous insight into the traditional Sanskrit theatre form of Kutiyattam through the lead of an indulgent performer-Kapila
Camera: Manesh Madhavan | Editor: Renjith Kuzhur | Producer: (Talk in process with YLE, Finland)


Director: Kavita Carneiro
Duration: 90 min
Parallel stories of football players, Tudu and Zaffar and their respective individual journeys back to their roots and amalgamating on the field of the game.
Editor: Monisha Baldewa | Producer: Manas


Director: Gautam Sonti, Usha Rao
Duration: 90 min
A journey through Bangalore”s changing cityscape, where the state”s ideal of a ‘global city’ encounters city dwellers, their concerns and alternative visions.
Camera: Gautam Sonti | Editor: Gautam Sonti | Producers: Gautam Sonti, Usha Rao


Director: Anjali Panjabi
Duration: 90 min
The filmmaker revisits the mythic story of Mirabai, a social rebel and poet of the 12th century AD and foregrounds a history of gender and caste inequalilies.
Editor: Khushboo Agarwal | Producer: Anjali Panjabi (Self)

Old Routes / New Journeys

Director: Abeer Gupta
Duration: 38 min
The journey of Islam in Ladakh, the evolution of a unique cultural identityandits current negotiation with the global discourse of Islam
Editor: Sooraj Ravindran | Producer: Tsaparang Films

Opera! Therefore I am

Director: Arindam Chatterjee
Duration: 37 min
The film is about a street Jatra company Bijapani Opera and the lives of its performers unfolds Kolkata”s underbelly.
Producer: Arindam Chatterjee

Pabbar…The Story of a River

Director: Biswendu Chowdhury
Duration: 21 min
Using the window of river Pabbar, this film tries to tell the story of all the rivers that are being dammed to generate energy for a cause without a case.
Camera: Biswendu Chowdhury | Editor: Biswendu Chowdhury | Producer: Biswendu Chowdhury

Paradise Redefined

Director: Debbie Rogers
Duration: 90 min
‘Paradise Redefined’ is the story of Goa’s Seasonal Beach Shacks and the problems that the Fishermen-cum-Beach Shack Owners face as they negotiate a typical Tourist Season in Goa, India.
Editor: Gasper D”Souza | Producer: Manoj M. Narayan

People is Sometimes Kind

Director: Nisha Vasudevan
Duration: 28 min
People is sometimes kind starts off being an effort at self-righteous (and naive) investigation, but interesting characters and situations deviate from this point of departure, and the girls find that several realizations to dawn on them.
Camera: Namaah Kumar, Moresh Benjamin | Editor: Nisha Vasudevan | Producer: Krish Makhija (Production Manager)

Slam Dunk India

Director: Shankhajeet De
Duration: 45 min
A nation-wide basketball talent hunt takes Neel Pahalijani to little pockets across the country and makes him confront his “westernized” idea of corporatized game with the challenges of nepotism and corruption within the system.

That Elephant, From the Bridge

Director: Abhilash Vijayan
Duration: 60 min
The nomadic culture of a travelling circus and the people related to it
Editor: Navneet Shukla | Producer: FTII, Pune

That Fired Soul

Director: M. Aravind Kumar
Duration: 40 min
A contemporary Shadow Puppetry show on Gandhi as a ‘Fired Soul’ takes the young narrator into a quest to explore a Gandhi today and eventually ends up surprisingly revised, finding a gandhian couple. The film explores their idea of land swaraj via-a vis the landless.
Camera: Mak/Charlotte | Editor: Pravin Kumar, Kamalakannan, Shiva Shanker, Mak | Producer: Lemuria Picture

The bullet does not hit one head

Director: Shazia Khan
Duration: 65 min
Three central narratives that narrate conflict ridden region of Kashmir and its people, interspersed with visits to the only psychiatric hospital in the city that deals with a valley looking for “normalcy” and voices of common people.
Editor: Saba Rehman | Producer: Saffron Films

The Story of a Weed

Director: Dr. Rayson K. Alex
Duration: 45 min
This is the story of a plant named Prosopis juliflora, which was introduced to India by the British in the 19th Century and has now colonised the Tamil landscapes destroying the native vegetation.
Editor: Arun Bose | Producer: OSLE-India

The Textures of Loss

Director: Pankaj Butalia
Duration: 70-75 min
The film is trying to create a sense of loss that is all pervasive in Kashmir after more than two decades of violence.
Camera: Ranjan Palit | Editor: Pankaj Butalia | Producer: Vital Films

They work and Toil

Director: Arunava Ganguly
Duration: 20 min
The trials and tribulations of migratory workers in a brick manufacturing unit.
Editor: Goutam Chatterjee


Director: Gautam Sonti, Uma Magal
Duration: 90 min
Tirugata is the travelling theatre repertory of Ninasam Theatre Institute. It takes contemporary theatre to small towns and villages across Karnataka
Camera: Gautam Sonti | Editor: Uma Magal | Producer: Gautam Sonti, Uma Magal

Vanishing Trails

Director: Vinod Raja
Duration: 90 min
Stories of travelling artists and diappearing communities and the last remnants of their megre and unsupported survival.
Editor: Atul Gupta | Producer: Grassroots Media

Videogram from an Invisible Struggle

Director: Vijaya Kumar
Duration: 80 min
A series of short films from different geographical as well as GRAKOOS, a Union of agricultural daily wage laborers based in Raichur, Karnataka India, activists’ field sites illustrating experiences unique to each site
Camera: Vijaya Kumar | Editor: Vijaya Kumar

What about our men?

Director: Teena Kaur
Duration: 60 min
A locality of widows of the 1984 Hindu-Sikh Riots and trauma that continues to haunt generations to come.
Editor: Tinni Mitra