Ilo von Seckendorff-Witzleben

Ilo-2Ilo von Seckendorff-Witzleben graduated from the Faculties of Cultural Sciences and Communication and Media at the University of Leipzig, Germany. During her studies she worked for different cultural institutions in Argentina and Chile, where she was mainly in charge for feature and documentary film programmes. Assistant of Galeri K/ Oslo as coordinator of international art fairs in Berlin and Madrid. Since 2005 Ilo von Seckendorff works for DOK Leipzig as the curator of the DOK Summit panel discussions and DOK Podia and is in charge of the festival’s master classes and workshops.  From 2007 till 2009 she was the project coordinator of the German-Czech film project “Breathless” and is still happy to see the result of five films on their way to success.

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