Rules and Regulations


DocWok is open to residents, citizens of South Asia*

*While the definition and boundary of South Asia is continuously shifting, DocWok considers the following countries as part of South Asia: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Iran, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Tibet.

DocWok is not open for student projects.

Docwok is not open for fiction projects. DocWok prefers documentaries of longer duration, of 20 minutes and above.

The film project must be in the rough cut or post production stage; if a rough cut is not available, an assembly of edited scenes along with a written proposal based on the material shot will be required. Please note, rough cuts and edited scenes must have English subtitles.


For submission please complete the Application Form online and post 4 DVDs of the rough cut to the address provided.

If selected

Both director and editor will have to attend the residential workshop.

For the residential workshop, you are required to bring the entire footage, latest version of the rough cut as a project file for editing, and a Quicktime mov of the latest version of the rough cut for playback. The rough cut must have English subtitles.

Project participants are required to bring their own equipment to the residential workshop for editing their rough cuts.

You are required to attend all four workshops.

You will have to maintain timelines: meet deadlines and submit deliverables on time. Towards this, you would have to sign a contract. (Which will be provided soon).

You will have to credit DocWok in your final film. The DocWok logo will have to be included in the credits of the final film. You would be required to provide the final film and trailer in both Quicktime mov format and DVD, as well as promotional materials such as stills, poster, brochures, cards, etc., which will be used to promote the film and the workshop.

DocWok will provide subsidised travel cost for the project participants (one director and one editor).

DocWok will provide shared accommodation for the residential workshop. Project participants (one director and one editor) will share a room.