Selected Projects

Entry from Afghanistan

Afghanistan Night Stories

Director: Alka Sadat


A story of war, love, life and death, the film is an unprecedented look at these elite fighters, and the hopes and dreams they have rarely spoken of until now.

Entry from India

Chasing Tails

Director: Madhavi Tangella


For the last ten years, every night, Munira leaves her home in the slums and begins walking along the western express highway in Mumbai, India. She is on a mission: to feed stray dogs and cats. But in the course of her rounds, she confronts much more…

Entry from Bangladesh


Director: Farid Ahmad


The film explores how individual initiative turned into a collective consciousness to liberate the filmmaker’s country, Bangladesh through the prism of a controversial and almost forgotten incident in the country’s history.

Entry from India

Fear and Freedom

Director: Raja Khan


4 women from different sections of society in Delhi try to create an identity of their own, each with her own struggle.

Entry from India

Last Days. Last Shot

Director: Sumira Roy


A cinematic exploration of the lives of two men as they live their lives by the sacred banks of Varanasi in India.

Entry from China

Liu’s Rhapsody (AND nominee to DocWok 2)

Director: Li Xiaofeng


A commoner tours the entire country, with the dream of founding an international university of communism, a utopia that only belongs in his past.

Entry from India

Shadows of Gandhi

Director: Anantha Krishnan


A filmmaker’s angst against existing political establishment through surreal documentation and fictional imageries.

Entry from Iran

Wedding: A closet documentary

Director: Mohammadreza Farzad


On the verge of his divorce, the filmmaker comes up with the idea of watching his wedding footage to trace his break-up in it.

For logistical reasons, the project from Iran “Wedding: A closet documentary” is unable to participate. The following film was selected instead:

Entry from India

Blame it on the winds!

Director: Teenaa Kaur


The film looks at the effects of ethnic violence on those who get left behind – in this instance, the widows and children of the Sikh men who fell prey to marauding mobs in the violence that followed the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards in 1984.