Afghanistan Night Stories

Director: Alka Sadat | 60 min | Afghanistan
A story of war, love, life and death, it is an unprecedented look at these elite fighters, and the hopes and dreams they have rarely spoken of until now.
Producer: Alka Sadat

Blame It On the Winds!

Director: Teena Kaur | 58 min | India
The film looks at the effects of ethnic violence on those who get left behind – in this instance, the widows and children of the Sikh men who fell prey to marauding mobs in the violence that followed the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards in 1984
Editor: Teena Kaur | Producer: Green Earth Pictures | Co-production partners: UK based NGO SEVA 84

Chasing Tails

Director: Madhavi Tangella | 52 min | India
For the last ten years, every night, Munira leaves her home in the slums and begins walking along the western express highway in Mumbai, India. She is on a mission: to feed stray dogs and cats. But in the course of her rounds, she confronts much more.
Editor: Shweta  Chavan  | Producer: Films Division

Dream Land (Dhono Dhanno Puspo Vora)

Director: Farid Ahmad | 55 min | Bangladesh
The film explores how individual initiative turned into a collective consciousness to liberate the country, Bangladesh, through the prism of a controversial and almost forgotten incident in the country’s history.
Editor: Md Khurshid Anam | Producer: Farid Ahmad

English/India Vol 1-3

Director: Spandan Banerjee | 180 min | India
A journey into the languages of our times. A three-part documentary on history, conflict and intimacy played through the languages of the subcontinent.
Editor: Spandan Banerjee | Producer: Spandan Banerjee, Overdose Films

Fear and Freedom

Director: Raja Khan | 90 min | India
Four women from different sections of society in Delhi try to create an identity of their own, each with their own struggle.
Editor: Sneha Singh | Producer: Raja Shabir Khan, Ryhana Productions | Co-production partners: NHK, Japan


Director: Mohammad Shafi Zargham | 17 min | Afghanistan
Gulbadan is a brave woman working as a health worker and teacher in an insurgent and conservative society. She feeds her own family and that of her sister’s. She drives a motorbike, considered a taboo in her village in the central province of Ghor in Afghanistan.
Editor: Zahra Qadiri | Producer: Mohammad Shafi Zargham, Helya

Hockey in My Blood

Director: Sandhya Kumar | 65 min | India
A film about hockey in Coorg, told through the story of the Kodava Hockey Festival, the world’s largest hockey tournament played between the families of Coorg in the coffee hills of South India.
Editor: Iram Ghufran | Producer: Sandhya Kumar

Last Days. Last Shot

Director: Sumira Roy | 60 min | India
A cinematic exploration of the lives of two men as they live by the sacred banks of Varanasi in India.
Editor: Monisha Baldawa | Producer: Sumira Roy

Life in Transit

Director: Hira Tariq | 15 min | Pakistan
Different exchange of energies in a single place through the eyes of a sweeper.
Editor: Umer Mengal | Producer: Hira Tariq, Barefeet Pictures | Co-production partners: National College of Arts

Lost Homeland

Director: Ishaq Bhat | 20 min | India
Bridging the gap between the Pandit (Hindu) and Muslim community of Kashmir Valley.
Editor: Sajad Bhat | Producer: Sajad Bhat, Dream7

My Beautiful Village Bhinmal

Director: Azad Jain | 25 min | India
A Docudrama on a Indian village – Bhinmal.
Editor: Azad Jain | Producer: Azad Jain

Pagi (Footprint Experts)

Director: Ankur Vora | 60 min | India
The near-extinct science of footprint reading and the people who still practice this time-tested forensic art.
Editor: Chetas Desai | Producer: Gargee Kaintolla | Co-production partners: Tejash Shah

Phum Shang (Floating Life)

Director: Haobam Paban Kumar | 52 min | India
A displaced fisherman community that lives on the unique floating vegetation in Loktak lake in northeast India; displaced because of the unplanned development under the supervision of corrupt politicians who have little concerns for humans.
Editor: Sankhajit Biswas | Producer: Films Division

Right Forward

Director: Surya Balkrishnan | 60 min | India
The incredible journey of 12 young Indian girls from a slum in Mumbai to San Francisco in pursuit of their passion for Soccer.
Editor: Abhro Banerjee | Producer: Ruchi Narain, Ruchi Narain Productions

Shadows of Gandhi

Director: Anantha Krishnan | 60 min | India
A filmmaker’s angst against existing political establishment through surreal documentation and fictional imageries.
Editor: Ajay Raj | Producer: Govind Vishnu, Wildframes Theatre and Studio | Co-production partners: Deepu Rajeevan, Vishnu Venu

Stories from the Banks

Director: Yashodara Udupa | 60 min | India
Above the din echoed by the matrix of loudspeakers, you hear stories and afar from the crowds, you grow closer to faith. When you are but one drop in the sea of people, you realise how little you are and only when you are lost in the biggest gathering of people on earth, do you discover the Kumbh anew. Such are the paradoxes offered by the Maha Kumbhmela as you float from one experience to the next, drift from one story to the
Editor: Yashodara Udupa | Producer: Deshna Mehta, Anugraha | Co-production partners: Pradip R Patel, Madhoor Builders

Strategical importance of Gwadar Deep Sea port

Director: Jan Muhammad | 40 min | Pakistan
Due to its ideal location at the mouth of the gulf and opposite strategic choke points of Strait of Hormuz and Gulf of Oman, the Gwadar port in Balochistan is visualized to fulfil the requirement of three strategically important regions – the oil rich Middle East, heavily populated South Asia and Western China, and the economically emerging, resource-laden region of Central Asia. Pakistan has recently handed over Gwadar to a Chinese Company. It is now assumed that a cold war has again begun in the region.
Editor: Farhan Athar | Producer: Jan Muhammad, Baloch Pakistan Television Network


Director: Bhoraj Bhat | 60 min | Nepal
The story of the rise of a women’s football team in a remote and least developed area of mid-western Nepal.
Editor: Bharat Mani Regmi | Producer: Bimal Singh Bist, Good Neighbors Nepal

Wedding: A Closet Documentary

Director: Mohammadreza Farzad | 65 min | Iran
On the verge of his divorce, the filmmaker watches his wedding video to trace the breakup of his marriage.
Editor: Farahnaz Sharifi | Producer: Mohammadreza Farzad

White Van Stories

Director: Leena Manimekalai | 90 min | India
A documentary feature on enforced disappearances in Sri Lanka following seven people from the families of the disappeared.
Editor: Thangaraj Palanivel | Producer: Leena Manimekalai, Kanavuppattarai