DocWok 2 Plan

No of participants: 7 + 1 (7 selected and one nominated by Asian Network of the Documentary, South Korea.)

Workshops: 4

DocWok 2.1


Duration: half day in November

Venue: via Skype

Introduction of the participating filmmakers and tutors. The session will familiarise the selected film-makers with the logistics, procedures and process of DocWok and prepare them for the residential workshop.

DocWok 2.2

(Focused on editing and dramaturgy)

Duration: 6 days

Venue: New Delhi

Date: To be announced soon

The tutors will provide the film-makers hands-on training on editing, narrative structure and dramaturgy. Selected film-makers and editors are required to attend the entire duration.

DocWok 2.3

(Focused on editing)

Duration: half day

Venue: via Skype in February/March 2015

Each project would define a deadline and would work with a pre-determined tutor.

DocWok 2.4

(Focused on distribution)

Duration: 1 day

Venue: via Skype June/July 2015

An international distributor would advice selected film-makers on publicity material, trailers, distribution and outreach.